Frequently asked questions

What factors do you consider to determine remaining life of a roofing system?
Our thorough inspection process is designed to reveal any moisture retention and/or draining issues. We determine what condition of the coverings today, as well as anticipating how the system can hold up to weather. Roofing Plus, Inc. can often evaluate what service life remains, and calculate a cost to repair, replace, or suggest an ongoing maintenance plan to EXTEND the service life of your roofing system. Working with us keeps your financial goals in mind for the long-term.
What options are available to either finance a re-roof and/or stagger payments?
There are a few lender resources we can refer to you. We contract with payment due upon completion of work + inspection, as no ‘payment plans’ are available.
What warranties come with roofing repairs?
Service after installation is important for our clients, and warranty options with repairs run from two to five years. Additionally, you’ll have the availability of a maintenance schedule which covers routine inspections, repairs, and storm damage response priority. Peace of mind. Value. Timely response. It’s in our service DNA!
How much can I save in energy consumption with your white roof technologies?
On average, we’ve had clients earn payback within FIVE YEARS of installation. Your current energy use, utility rates/increases, and thermal bridging of the structure will impact just how much savings is realized. We use special calculations to project your savings over time, and in some cases determine if any tax incentives may apply to your business.
What services do you provide?

We specialize in high-rise roofing systems for commercial, industrial, and government structures. Our 25+ years of operational success is due to the referral business we gain from jobs well done, on-time, on-budget!

How long will it take to complete work?
Weather delays aside, our installation crews work FAST with safety in mind. Time is valuable, and we’re interested in having the least impact to daily operations, as many jobs are completed within 5% of the forecast schedule ranging from just Five days (smaller roofs) to Sixty days (extremely large roofs).
How quickly can we expect to have emergency leaks repaired?
Emergency services are one of our leading qualities of client care, as our crews can be dispatched within hours of contact, to no greater than a single day.
What type of roof is best for my business?
The Roofing Plus team is expert in matching up the right products to the application. We’ll explain the benefits of system selected, along with recommendations of warranty and/or maintenance schedules available.
What steps are needed to file for an insurance covered claim?

Our experienced crews and project management can assist with a claim process, and most importantly, advise you on key considerations with both external and internal damage assessments.

We’ve got nearly three decades of experience working with insurance carriers and their adjuster networks, so you can be confident in getting solid results!

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