Modified Bitumen

What is a Modified Roofing System?

Modified Bitumen systems are a modern evolution of the age-old built up roofing (BUR) systems in place on building as for 100s of years. BUR systems consist of multiple layers of roofing felt embedded in hot-mopped asphalt. Hot mopping is all but gone in modern roofing having lost its place to modified bitumen and single ply systems like TPO or EPDM. But Modified Bitumen keeps many of the benefits and qualities of BUR without the intense labor and danger of hot mopped systems.

Benefits of a Modified Roofing System?

  • IT’S TEAR-RESISTANT – The main advantage modified bitumen roofing has over other most commercial roofing systems is that it’s extremely tear-resistant, thanks to the combination of fiberglass and/or polyester reinforcement layers. This feature makes modified bitumen roofing the ideal choice for low-slope with high foot traffic, such as rooftop cafes.
  • IT’S WATERPROOF – Bitumen is inherently waterproof, and several layers of it on a properly-installed roof makes modified bitumen roofs the most waterproof commercial roofing choice available.
  • IT’S ENERGY-EFFICIENT – The top layer can be treated to add “cool roof” features such as solar reflectance and thermal emission, or the ability to reflect sunlight, and release already-absorbed heat, respectively. This helps reduce your property’s indoor cooling requirements, resulting in lower energy consumption.
modified bitumen
  • IT’S FLEXIBLE – Flexible low-slope roofing materials are important not just for impact resistance, but also for temperature shifts. Modified bitumen expands and contracts without losing its shape, making it an ideal choice for the Southeastern United States
  • IT’S EASY TO REPAIR AND MAINTAIN – In case the roof does tear, repair can be done quickly and efficiently through bitumen patches. Most instances of low-slope roofing failures occur at the seals and flashing, but with professional installation and regular roof maintenance, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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